Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary

Beautiful Together works to improve the quality of life of children waiting for families.

What We Do: We work to identify and complete specific and measurable projects that tangibly improve the lives of orphaned children in the United States and Africa. We also shine a light on children living in extreme poverty, foster care, or orphanages through a combination of an animal sanctuary, on-the-ground work, professional photography, an social outreach.

Why We Do It:  We believe that as overwhelming and intimidating as it can seem to try to change the world, we can do one small, real thing to help those who need help the most. And then another.

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Tamara Lackey


Tamara Lackey is a mother, photographer and Nikon USA Ambassador, as well as an author and show program host. Her focus is on children’s portraits and lifestyle commercial photography, as well as working on a variety of projects to help support vulnerable children. Tamara is also the co-creator of Lush Albums, fast-to-design, eco-friendly fine art albums that give back to the work of Beautiful Together.

Steve Lackey, Beautiful Together

Steve Lackey


Steve Lackey is a father and the President and Founder of Endurance Magazine. With his team he produces a fitness lifestyle magazine with several regional editions, as well as multiple large-scale community-based running events. Steve is also the CEO of SPORToften, a web-based marketing agency, where he applies his efforts to continually enable event directors and charitable organizations to create positive impact on their communities through helping them grow and better manage their running, triathlon, and cycling events.

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