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Kidane Mehret Orphanage —Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Fully Funded!

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.
~ Albus Dumbledore

The children who live at this Ethiopian orphanage have three small classrooms on site. Unfortunately, though, they are very dimly-lit, and that’s when the power is even working (their power is on and off nearly every day).  In addition, because the orphanage has to manage costly electricity bills, they leave the lights off in many parts of the orphanage most of the time. So any opportunity to save on these utility costs is extraordinarily helpful.

We would like to install solar panel across all three classrooms. Specifically, we would install a 1000-watt panel that would run to each classroom to not only dramatically light up each classroom, so the children could actually see the chalkboards, but to also provide a sustainable energy source for the orphanage to help them save needed funds on their electricity bills.

As part of this educational resuscitation, we would like to address their Education Center, an area that was donated to the orphanage years ago. At one point, the orphanage had received some computers for the older children at the orphanage to use for educational purposes – but, over time, each and every computer has ceased to work. Not one of the originally donated computers works anymore, and some are so clearly outdated that they never will. We would like to work with a local repair shop to fix the computers that can be fixed and provide a couple more basic computers – hopefully in addition to some simple tablets, that can be protected and attached to the wall in the Education Center.

Altogether, this Light Up the Classrooms & Education Center will cost a total of $6,500.

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